What do want and need? We'll work with you to find out.


    What fulfills the wants and needs? Bet you can't wait to see.


    We put pen to paper to show you what we can give you.


    As a developer and client team we give you what you want and need.

Our process will vary from client to client. However, this ten step process will give an idea of an ideal situation.

  1. We schedule our initial design consultation meeting and discuss fees and deliverables.
  2. Client pays half of the creative fees up front and completes our creative brief strategy worksheet.
  3. Hi-Fi Public Relations performs Internal client positioning audit.
  4. Hi-Fi Public Relations prepares and presents first round design comp solutions.
  5. Client reviews comps and recommends changes.
  6. Hi-Fi Public Relations prepares and presents a second round design comp solutions.
  7. Client reviews and we go to a third presentation if needed. All changes beyond round three are negotiated separately.
  8. Client makes a final ‘sign-off’ on all materials being produced .
  9. Hi-Fi Public Relations prepares production mechanicals and/or web programming.
  10. Hi-Fi Public Relations oversees any press checks, programming or art direction in this production phase and delivery of finished work is scheduled.