Crisis Communications

We provide a confidential set of crucial, crisis-related services provided directly to senior management, boards of directors, government agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit and publicly held organizations.


Our focus is on readiness for crisis and disaster situations, rapid organizational and reputational recovery from crises and disaster, and leadership recovery following highly destructive crisis situations.


Readiness is the most important goal.

This involves pre-authorization, first response strategies, victim management, and sensible approaches that can be immediately activated. We help clients test and simulate problems to gain real-time experience.


When crises cause problems in an organization among employees, as well as constituents and stakeholders, we help restore top level communications and behaviors that will reset the tone of the organization and coach senior management into more effective employee communication roles. When crises damage leaders and leadership, our job is to help unlearn the habits and practices that contributed to the damage and leadership failure.


We help executives find their voice, their vision, and their verbal skills.

Successful management of high-profile litigation requires the coordinated efforts of a team of lawyers, and internal and external experts willing to be guided but remain in charge of their own disciplines. We take advantage of the litigation process, the predictable steps, phases and events which helps control opposing actions, and predict when visibility will occur.


If we know the process, we can out-strategize the opposition.

Today, every blogger, tweeter, bellyacher and bloviator holds your career, reputation, and the future in their keyboard, iPad and fingertips. We believe in treading carefully and constructively. One thing we know for sure, if you fail to manage your own destiny, carefully and quickly, someone else is waiting out there to do it for you.

  • Activist / Web / New Media Attack Counteraction
  • Community Relations / Grassroots Campaigns / Gaining Public Consent
  • Corporate Relations Repair / Professional Development in Crisis
  • Crisis Communication Management Readiness & Simulations
  • Employee Relationship Restructuring and Loyalty Restoration
  • Ethics/Integrity/Codes of Conduct/Corporate Governance
  • Leadership Recovery Strategies
  • Litigation Communication Management
  • Media Relations Strategy & Analysis in Crisis
  • Senior Management Communication Strategies