Properly Reflect Your Business with a Professional Logo

Hi-Fi Public Relations takes logo design very seriously. Your logo is a window into your identity and should reflect your industry, professionalism, core values, and sometimes even benefits at a glance. It should inspire potential customers to imagine the story of how your brand fits into their life.


We put great care into the analysis, strategy, and artistry behind your logo. Our goal is to design identities that stand the test of time, inspire trust in your brand, clearly communicate your purpose, and make consumers feel something.


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  • Naming (businesses, services and products)
  • Logo / Logotype Typography Suite (Primary, Secondary, Ancillary)
  • Color Palette Specification Plan Iconography (visual cues for product or service divisions)
  • Trademark Character or Mascot Design
  • Stationery Suite (Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope, Mailing Labels)
  • Stationery Suite Pro (Notepad & Invoices, Rubber Stamp)
  • Embossing Stamp, Postage Stamp, Thank You Card, Sticker Set)